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Standard products

Higher sales at the touch of a button

We provide solution-focused concepts to help you finance your sales. As a long-established partner for vendor leasing, we understand your needs and can help you to achieve your objectives.

Fast decisions

Your customers are looking for planning security and want to take their items away with them or be able to complete an order on the spot.

No problem: we provide a decision on financing enquiries within just a few minutes.

Simple, straightforward contract processing

You need quotes instantly on request – obtain them easily via our partner portal or your own software.

Our automated decision-making process ensures that all essential contract documentation is available immediately. You can also keep track of activities electronically after contracts have been signed.

Quick receipt of payment

We pay you the full invoice amount for the leased item immediately.

Avoid a complicated receivables management process and use these instant payments to optimise your own cash flow or take advantage of supplier discounts.

More good reasons to use vendor financing from PEAC

Dedicated contacts ensure continuity and dependability

Our dedicated contacts are personally committed to assisting you and your customers.

Easy calculations

Calculate an indicative rental payment at any time for your customers with our leasing calculator app. It’s compellingly simple.

A straightforward, direct connection

Use our partner portal or your own software to submit financing enquiries. You choose when and where.

We provide an intelligent interface for easy data transfer if you prefer to use your own software.

Wide range of services for your customers

Take the opportunity to offer your customers additional services. Benefit from our attractive insurance options, which are carefully adapted to your customers’ requirements.

Win follow-up business by making an approach at just the right time

Use the partner portal to access your customer portfolio at any time and check when contracts expire. This gives you the perfect opening to discuss new investment needs.

Training, marketing materials and more to support your success

Our training teaches your staff how to use vendor financing effectively to boost your company’s success. We assist you by attending sales negotiations, trade shows and events in person, if required, or by providing sales tools.

Strong customer relationships

Offer your customers an all-in package: widen your range of services by providing the product together with a financing solution, thereby boosting customer satisfaction.

Achieving ambitious sales targets…

...can be quick and easy.

We structure our partnership with you around your needs and requirements.

  • Two experts provide your customers with all-round support
    Offer your customers financing solutions in partnership with PEAC.

  • Everything from a single source
    Offer your customers an end-to-end solution under your own name. We supply the necessary financing expertise.

How your customers benefit

  • Everything from a single source: product, financing and service
  • Simplicity, speed and convenience: select, finance and use the product
  • Rental payment options according to usage
  • Planning security with predictable payments
  • Simple and uncomplicated process at the end of the lease or when extending it

Want to find out more? Simply e-mail or call us on +49 40 236 26 57 33.

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