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Insurance Solution

Maximum Security for Your Financing.

Financed investment objects must be sufficiently insured. This is (not only) provided in our general terms and conditions for financing agreements (leasing, rental, installment plan).

To protect the contractual objects and the associated default risks, we have taken out comprehensive cover with the insurer Hiscox S.A., managed by our cooperation partner, Acquis Insurance Management. In this way, we ensure that the financed investment objects are covered during the entire term of your financing agreement concluded with us and that, in the event of a claim, repairs or reimbursement of costs is made at replacement value.

All-round protection, easily organized

  • No proof of insurance is required before the leasing contract comes into effect.
  • After the start of the leasing, you will receive an offer from our contractual partner Acquis.
  • Alternatively, you can provide proof of insurance within a period of 30 days from the beginning of the leasing period.
  • You can also waive this proof. We will then include your objects in our insurance policy and adjust the leasing installments by the fees incurred.
  • The insurance taken out by us can be terminated at any time by providing proof of your own insurance at the end of the following month.

For further information, the experts of Acquis are at your disposal at any time free of charge under 0800 182 3714.