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Reasons for Leasing

Reasons to Lease.

Preserve your line of credit

Unlike a purchase, leasing offers individual leasing offers at more secure conditions and thus maximum flexibility. Thus, you can use your line of credit and collaterals for spontaneously required investments.

Get a competitive advantage with the latest technology

Avoid unnecessary investment backlogs and benefit from efficient processes, improved production results and thus increasing profits by using the latest technologies.

Improve and secure liquidity and profitability

Leasing doesn't tie your liquid funds to fixed assets. As a result, you have more freedom for necessary investments. Additionally, you can use your unencumbered equity, e.g., to take advantage of discounts and rebates.

Benefit from contractual flexibility

Whether a short or a long term, low or high instalments, one-time payments, early termination of the contract, or an extension option: We adapt our financing solution to your needs.